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  • Tarantula Billiards Bar & Grill

    The best billiards bar in Denver for over 10 years.  Voted "BEST OF DENVER" 2 times.

    GRAND NEW OPENING!!!  Located at 1520 Stout Street in Downtown Denver.

    Come and visit our classy and modern new location!!

  • New Location 1520 Stout St.

    New Location 1520 Stout St.

  • Denver's funnest & finest billiards, bar & grill!

    We are Denver's classiest & best pool hall, bar & grill. We offer free pool on weekdays with purchase.

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MondayEventDifferent EXCITING specials on Mondays but always

$2 PBR's and $6 Long Island

FREE POOL with DRINK ORDER and fresh food!!

TuesdayLongIsland$2 PBRs and $6 Long Island

$3 Fat Tires and $5 Tuacas


WedsCoronaSpecial$3 Coronas and $4 Cuervo

$2 PBR's and $6 Long Island

FREE POOL with DRINK ORDER and fresh food!!

ThursdayStellaArtois$2 PBRs and $6 Long Island

$4 Jim, Jack or Jose and $3 Stella Artois Beer


FridayDenverHappyhour$2 PBRs and $6 Long Island

7 pm-2am $4 Jager and Jager Bombs

Music & Fresh food

SaturdayHotMusic$2 PBRs and $6 Long Island

$4 Jager and $5 Jager Bombs

Fresh food and hot music!!

PBRSundaySpecialNew exciting specials every Sunday as well as

$2 PBR's and $6 Long Islands

Fresh food and FREE POOL with drink order!!

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What People Are Saying:

  • Amanda G. +

    I love this is place. A few of the pool tables and cues are worse for ware but it's because there are big plans for renovation coming up. The fact that pool is free if you choose to drink is great. For someone like myself who plays pool four to six times a week it can get expensive at pool halls. This place is laid back enough I can relax but still loads of fun. The staff is really friendly and a blast to hang out with. The bartender's have great specials, not to mention their wings extra crispy are…
  • Timothy P. +

    Dive bar billiards at its finest! Get a drink and play as long as you can make that drink last even if your its coca-cola. Occasional live music and quality canned music the rest of the time keeps your toes tapping. Only gripe is the bathrooms, I don't think I need to elaborate on this issue. Prices here are very cheap with a super long happy hour pretty much making this the neighborhoods frugal going out spot. A truly mixed crowd also helps to keep things interesting.
  • Elliott C. +

    When I lived in Denver this was my place.. at least twice a week I would come here.. and almost all of my visits were mid week around 2pm.. very rarely would I come here at night.. and if I did it was because of girls I was with.. I am an amateur player and can hang with almost anybody that I would meet here.. I liked that.. Good competition.. and never any drama over a loss. The music - At 2pm.. It was usually me and the bartender paying for the songs.. and we had similar taste.. so I was always…
  • Marphy M. +

    Love this place. Great feel, great atmosphere, and great tables. The new location in my opinion is superb. Very friendly staff with decent drink prices. Every time i bring somebody there they always love it. When i'm looking for a fun night this place is always on my list.
  • Review +

    I think the value is great, cheap beer and free pool. I always fimd a great spot to play withour oversoending on my budget. Daily specials keep my spirits high too. 
  • Ted +

    Usually when I'm out with my friends I will go here. There is no cover and the drinks are cheap. This place usually draws in a normal mixed crowd compared to some other blocks in downtown which is full of suburban yuppies. The bartenders are cool here and overall it's fun to grab a beer, shoot some pool and hang out with friends.
  • A Google User +

    Been going here about 5 or 6 years. You get a good mix a people, at least during the day, evening and early night. Met a lot of friends here, all of whom happen to be nice people. Read More
  • John S. +

    Free pool while you drink! Nuff said! You get a lot of city folk here. If you can't handle the city riff-raf then leave by 8pm. I stayed til close... several times.This place is downtown Denver so you WILL find undesirable people outside. But inside it's great.I had the Italiano sandwich? Awesome pastrami with cucumber and tomatoes! I travel alot! My spot in Denver is this place! I'll be back.... Read More
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